Thursday, 27 April 2017


I hate that girl there,
With her burgundy hair
And cold fire in eyes icy blue.
There's a monster inside her,
Though she artfully hides her
True nature, both jet black and cruel.
The sweet smile she wears
Might really be there,
But demons still play on those lips.
A sneer lies in wait,
A snarl painted in hate,
Shooting rage that consumes all it hits.

I despise that girl there,
With her subzero stare,
And I beg her to leave me alone.
Yet she follows me still,
Her soul making me ill,
Darkness won't let my life be my own.
As I reach for her hand
My heart stops, I can't stand
The truth suddenly so clear to see.
That girl lives in glass
And she lives in my heart.
That monster in the mirror is me.

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