Monday, 28 March 2016

An Ode to The New Mums

I saw it on your face today 
As you tried to keep the tears at bay,

A weary fear that masked your eyes

And told of hours filled with cries.

"Will it always be like this?
Will sleep be something I'll always miss?
Will I ever feel like my shit's together? 
Or will I feel this lost forever?"
I saw it on your face today
As I smiled and promised it would be okay.
You're sick of words that don't ring true
From people who aren't going through
This constant shit storm,
When misery has become the norm.
But I promise you we're being sincere
When we say that easier days are near.
We've been there, we know it's hard
But relief is genuinely on the cards.
The newborn days are ones of joy...
And terror, exhaustion and being annoyed,
But remember that this too shall pass,
That the terrifying parts don't last. 
Your nipples will heal and you will sleep
And safe from these memories your brain will keep
You. Because you will forget,

And I'm here, willing to bet
That just as things reach a state of zen,

You'll decide to do it all over again.

I get it. Really, I do.

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