Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Thank You

I've got life by the short and curlies.

Things are going in the exact direction I want them to be going in and, best of all, I feel completely in control.  My aspirations and goals have gathered their own momentum, like a snowball rolling down the proverbial mountain and, for probably the first time in my life, I have complete confidence in what I'm doing.
Confidence.  That's the thing that's making all of this possible, and that confidence comes from the support I receive from my online family.
That's you lot.
The number of messages I have received encouraging me in my efforts has been overwhelming.  The word 'proud' has cropped up more times than I can count and, with every friend that shares their pride in me, I get a stronger sense of assurance in what I'm doing.
I've also received a lot of comments and support from people that I do not know, which is incredibly affirming.  I don't need to convince myself that people are just trying to be nice if they don't know me.  Why would they feel the need to do that?  I don't feel the need for false modesty here, for the first time in my life, I know that I'm good at something.
All of this is thanks to the people who believe in me.  They've - you've - all made me believe in myself, which has begun to lead to exciting things.  My work is being read and things are moving steadily forward in a way that I never thought possible.
You've all played a huge part in making this happen, in making me, and you have my heartfelt gratitude.
Watch this space, team.  I'm going places.

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